Monday, December 31, 2012

I smell Burberry...

I think I'll write about all the Christmas presents in my other post, in this one I want to write about the gift my aunt from Russia brought me. I wasn't expecting to get from her anything at all since I haven't spoken to her for about 2 years,but I was surprised when I got the fragrance I've wanted to buy for so long!
I got Burberry "Body" from her. It smells really good, but I think I wouldn't like to wear this scent everyday, I think it would fit really good for some occasion, dinner or party. I really recommend this fragrance for girls who feel confident and sexy!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm back!!!

Hey guys! I'm back! I haven't been here for almost three months, what a disaster! So sorry for that... I've been really busy at work and especially before christmas I had so much things to do,but now I hope I'll have more free time and I'll try to write my blog more often. I just love writing here and I love sharing my stories with all of you and thank you for my followers who has been waiting for my return and haven't unfollowed me! Love y'all! ;)

And here's the very funny photo of me eating a plastic apple. We were getting a bit crazy at christmas...