Thursday, March 14, 2013

Autumn, come faster!

You might think that I'm weird because I'm asking autumn to come faster instead of summer, but I have some exciting news!
So all this time while I was off my blog, I was applying to the University in UK! And guess what?! I got in!   I was accepted into Middlesex University which is very modern and since I'm going to study journalism I needed the university which had a good media department and Middlesex uni sure has it! One more and I guess the main good thing about this university is that it's located in London, which means that I'm moving to London in autumn! I couldn't be happier! It's like one of my dreams came true! I can't wait to start packing all the stuff and start going to the University, so once again Autumn, come faster!
And I'm absolutely sure that my blog will be even more interesting when I live in London.

My future home! London!

Middlesex University :)