Saturday, December 28, 2013

Every brownie needs a blondie by her side...

One more post for today, just wanted to share my love to my amazing friend. I'm so happy I got to know her, couldn't imagine my life without her right now. She's the person who knows basically everything about me and I love her so much...

Christmas look

Holla, my friends! Just trying to stay in touch since I have so much to do, you know studies, exams, articles, writing... But no complains, I love writing and my studies!
So, I wanted to write here before Christmas, but it didn't work, so I'm writing now, when all the most beautiful holidays are already over. But there's still New Year in front of us!  How was yours Christmas holidays? Tell me! Mine was okay, just spent a nice and much-needed time with my family, but already dreaming of going back to the city I'm studying in -Klaipėda. Going to stay in my hometown till Thursday and then Chiao, hahah!

Here the pics how I looked on Christmas day :

Kisses, E.