Thursday, September 20, 2012

I wish I were there...

There are places in the world that attract us, we wish we could go there , but visiting other countries isn't that cheap... But I believe that one day I'll have an opportunity to go to the places I've been dreaming to visit for a really long time. From time to time my travel wishlist is getting longer, because if I could I would travel all around the world. Travelling seems to be a really great adventure and I'm sure I'll experience it one day. Tell me yours stories about travelling or about places you've visited!

Here are the places I'm dying to visit one day:

Firstly, of course New York! It would be hard to find a girl of my age who wouldn't like to go New York! This place mostly attracts me because of the famous NY Fashion Week! 

 Los Angeles! Who wouldn't like to visit the famous Hollywood?! This is the place where lots of films are being created...

Paris! I'm sure I'll go there one day with my future boyfriend, it's going to be a romantic trip :)

London! One of the places that attracts many people and I'm not an exception.

Rio de Janeiro! Seems to be a very beautiful place! 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My everyday makeup routine

I decided to do post about my everyday makeup routine. It's not that I couldn't go out without makeup, but I really like putting some natural colours on my face. I think my everyday makeup looks quite natural and it only makes my eyes look brighter. I get good appreciations about my makeup quite often and I really hope you'll also like this. Plus,I'm using cosmetics that everyone can afford.

Manhattan powder mat make up- the best foundation of all I've ever had! It looks natural and at the same time  conceals imperfections perfectly.

Eyelash curler

Bought to try this new mascara out. I like it because it has a smokey eyes effect. 

Maybelline eyeliner.

Maybelline eyeshadows. Bronze colour is the colour that I love using in Autumn!

Maybelline lipgloss.

And here's the result :)

Hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Miss Rachel Berry

Today I decided to clean my closet as the summer has ended and autumn has come. It's sad that I had to stuff all the summer clothes into the bottom of the closet. By doing that I found one blouse that I loved wearing this summer. It's polka dotted blouse from H&M that might be also known as a blouse that actress Lea Michele has worn on GLEE. When I found out about that I started to love that blouse even more,but know that summer has ended I'm going to wear it more rarely...

The polka dotted blouse from H&M

Lea Michele as Rachel Berry wearing the blouse
Me wearing the blouse in summer


My Little Angel...

This post is about to be a little bit sad, but I just want to share my feelings with someone. Exactly one week ago I lost my kitty... Her name was Miss and she was the smartest cat I've ever had! But one day she got ill and we couldn't do anything to help her. She was only 2 years old. I really miss my MISS! I think people who love animals really understand how terrible it is to loose a beloved pet...


Dream Bag!

So I've been looking for a new handbag for about a month! I couldn't pick anything until one day I went to PROMOD... There I found my dream handbag! haha. I love this bag because it looks simple, but has some details that makes this bag look very fashionable. I just fell in love with this bag from the first sight! And it looks really good with my leather jacket... I'll post the whole outfit picture later, where you can see how good it really looks.

Studded faux leather handbag


Hello World!

So I'm starting my new blog which I hope will be read and loved by many people. The past few years I enjoyed reading blogs, but one day I decided to try to create my own one. This blog will be about my lifestyle and my biggest passion- FASHION! As every girl I love shopping,I love dressing up, seeking newest collections and so on...
Speaking about me,well I'm 19 year old Lithuanian who loves to stand out of the crowd. You'll get to know more about me if you read my blog ;)


Hey! It's me :)

XO. E.