Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big news!


So sorry I haven't really posted much here lately, but I have some big news! As you all know I was planning on moving to London to start my studies at the university there, but instead of that I decided to stay here in Lithuania. I got into University here, I'm going to study journalism and I'm going to live by the sea. The city where I'm going to live is 3 hours away from my hometown, so whenever I want to come back to visit my family, I can always do that by using train.
Of course I wanted to go to London much more, but I had to face some facts: I wouldn't have enough money to live there well. Absolutely different situation is in Lithuania. Now I can afford renting a room in a city centre and I'm going to decorate it my way!
Plus, next year I'm thinking about travelling. I was thinking about going to visit Sweden or UK. So I really hope I made the right choice by staying here.
As soon as I decorate my new room in city centre I'm going to post some pics and I promise as soon as I move to Klaipeda (it's the name of the city I'm going to study) I'm going to write more in here!

Love you all! <3

Here are some pics of how the city that I'm going to live in looks: