Monday, October 6, 2014

Feeling fresh!

Hey, fellas!

So I know it's been a while, but so many things has changed. Now I feel like everything is okay in my life. I live in an amazing city, which I love so much, I have my man by my side who supports me in every choice I make. I've also been working on me. My appearance has a little bit changed, I changed my hairstyle, started wearing fashionable clothes. Speaking of that, I've been really interested about style, doing a lot of researches and even thinking of writing my own book about style. Since I'm studying journalism I think I could write a good one.
So here are photos of me and my man :)


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm getting back

Hey, my dear readers!

I know I've been out of blogging lately, but I'm getting back. I decided this is what I want to do since I'm so interested in fashion and in living the interesting life. The only thing I need right now is time, but I think I can make it. I really want to get as much readers as possible and share my life experiences with them. Thank you for everyone who reads my blog. More posts and news are coming soon. Stay in touch.

Kisses, E.