Saturday, December 28, 2013

Every brownie needs a blondie by her side...

One more post for today, just wanted to share my love to my amazing friend. I'm so happy I got to know her, couldn't imagine my life without her right now. She's the person who knows basically everything about me and I love her so much...

Christmas look

Holla, my friends! Just trying to stay in touch since I have so much to do, you know studies, exams, articles, writing... But no complains, I love writing and my studies!
So, I wanted to write here before Christmas, but it didn't work, so I'm writing now, when all the most beautiful holidays are already over. But there's still New Year in front of us!  How was yours Christmas holidays? Tell me! Mine was okay, just spent a nice and much-needed time with my family, but already dreaming of going back to the city I'm studying in -Klaipėda. Going to stay in my hometown till Thursday and then Chiao, hahah!

Here the pics how I looked on Christmas day :

Kisses, E.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lazy Sunday...

How was your Sunday? Hope it was good, because I had a great day with my family. Do you know why I love Sundays? Because I can sleep till noon, have late brunch instead of lunch and just do nothing all day! Today was one of those days, since I'm a little bit sick, I spent almost the whole day at home, only went to visit my grandma with my sister. Evening was very rainy, so I stayed at home and watched movies :)
Here you are a few Sunday snapshots!

xo. E

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Crazy weather, crazy people!

Do you know what I love the most living in Klaipeda? Being near the sea! I can't even describe the feeling when I wake up in the morning from the sound of terns! A while ago, it was super crazy weather, the wind was very strong, so me and my friend decided to go by the sea to check how big the waves were. It was worth coming there, the view we saw was amazing. I know the pictures can't convey what my eyes saw, but still take a look at these pictures! :)

xo. E

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Being a student!

Now that I live in a new city, I 'm having so much fun! The city is very beautiful and amazing. As many of you has already seen the pictures in the previous post. But not only the city makes my life better, I also studying journalism, which is very interesting. The university I'm studying in, has it's own newspaper, so I decided to take a risk and try to write in it too and it turned out to be a great experience!
Take a look at the pics of my student life and I promise I'll be back soon with the new post!

xo. E.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big news!


So sorry I haven't really posted much here lately, but I have some big news! As you all know I was planning on moving to London to start my studies at the university there, but instead of that I decided to stay here in Lithuania. I got into University here, I'm going to study journalism and I'm going to live by the sea. The city where I'm going to live is 3 hours away from my hometown, so whenever I want to come back to visit my family, I can always do that by using train.
Of course I wanted to go to London much more, but I had to face some facts: I wouldn't have enough money to live there well. Absolutely different situation is in Lithuania. Now I can afford renting a room in a city centre and I'm going to decorate it my way!
Plus, next year I'm thinking about travelling. I was thinking about going to visit Sweden or UK. So I really hope I made the right choice by staying here.
As soon as I decorate my new room in city centre I'm going to post some pics and I promise as soon as I move to Klaipeda (it's the name of the city I'm going to study) I'm going to write more in here!

Love you all! <3

Here are some pics of how the city that I'm going to live in looks: 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Perfect day with perfect people!

One more post for today.
Today I went by the sea with my mom and grandma. 3 hour length trip was pretty exhausting, but realising how purposefully we spent the day- it was worth it! We just wanted to have a relaxing day on the beach, so we were soaking up the sun and having some good time all day.
Plus, we met our old family friend out there, so we sticked together with her for the rest of our day.
We had so much fun when swimming with ferry, I guess it was my favorite part!
Enough talking, y'all better look at the pictures. I'm going to miss this place so badly...

"Escaping Sunshine"


I feel very proud of one project here in Lithuania,so I decided to share the news with you. Lithuania in collaboration with Denmark and Germany is making a film, based on the true story of two Lithuanian best friends. You can read the whole story of what the film is going to be about here: .
At first I was thinking about playing a role in this film, I even participated in the first audition and got the invitation to participate in second one. But now I'm thinking about quitting this whole thing until I've gone too far, because what if I accidentally was picked, I couldn't play the role. It is strictly decided that I'm starting my studies at the Middlesex University this autumn and there can't be any distractions!
Anyway, I'm sure this film might be a huge step forward for Lithuania in film industry.
Make sure you read the story! It's an interesting one!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sahaja yoga.

I went to Sahaja yoga yesterday for the first time. I really enjoyed it, I even thought about taking more classes. It's a very good way to relax and just forget about everything that has been on your mind for way too long. Even though I didn't rally feel that this time, but if I practised more the result would be obvious, I think.
Plus, I met some great people out there! I'd say that was the greatest part. I had a conversation with a very pretty and friendly girl from India, her name was Malini. She's been practising Sahaja yoga for many years now. She said she would like to be in touch and tell more about the classes.
All in all, I had a very interesting day! 

Me and Malini.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello July!

Hi, my loves!

Just a quick post to say Hi to all of you and to post a few pics from yesterday's promenades.
Hope y'all are having are great time this summer!
Happy July! Enjoy the pics!
New post is coming soon...

XoXo E.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Style Inspiration!

Clothes,fashion... To many girls these words mean a lot and I'm not an exception. I love fashion and I love go shopping! But before doing that I always try to see what kind of clothes my style icons are wearing! It's not that I'm copying their style, I'm just trying to make similar style.
So, my three all-time favorite style icons are: 

Miley Cyrus. 
Because she 's the most beautiful girl with a short haircut and I like her style a lot. Oh, and I can't get enough of her red lips! She's gorgeous! I wish I was as brave as she is! 

What a woman! She has already released her own clothing collection River Island, which is amazing. Plus, her music is also something my ears like to hear. She has a style no one else has. Oh,I also like her often-changing hairstyle. 

Lea Michele. 
Her style is more girly and classic, totally not like Rihanna's or Miley's. But I also like wearing different clothes. I have lots of classic style blouses and jackets. Love Lea's hair as well,especially when she had Ombre. 

Hope you liked their style as well. 

XoXo E. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hi,my loves!

I've missed blogging sooo much! You know I've been busy with all the documents for my studies in UK this autumn plus helping my sister with her baby. Since I have a nephew now, I'm spending lots of time with him.
But I'm so happy it's summer. Love spending time in nature with my family or friends. And the best part of the summer- strawberries!!! Strawberries,watermelon and cherries could be my everyday summer food.
Anyyway, I'm glad to be back to blogging and I really hope this time I'm here for a longer time.

Xoxo. E.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Autumn, come faster!

You might think that I'm weird because I'm asking autumn to come faster instead of summer, but I have some exciting news!
So all this time while I was off my blog, I was applying to the University in UK! And guess what?! I got in!   I was accepted into Middlesex University which is very modern and since I'm going to study journalism I needed the university which had a good media department and Middlesex uni sure has it! One more and I guess the main good thing about this university is that it's located in London, which means that I'm moving to London in autumn! I couldn't be happier! It's like one of my dreams came true! I can't wait to start packing all the stuff and start going to the University, so once again Autumn, come faster!
And I'm absolutely sure that my blog will be even more interesting when I live in London.

My future home! London!

Middlesex University :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crocs! Feel the love!

I never thought I would buy crocs!But I did! I think I've made the best decision buying them,because they're super comfortable and when I'm wearing them I feel like barefooted. Many people think crocs are unfashionable etc. and I was one of them until I bought crocs. I'm really happy I made the right choice. Plus, they look really good on the foot and it fit well whether I wearing skirt or jeans.  I recommend!